Situated close to Harris park station, Parramatta Rd., M4 and the Great Western highway the Parrahub building would have 15,000 free parking spaces and 2,000 units with shop/office space in the centre and 24/7 restaurant on the top floor.


20m wide ramps will allow 5,000 cars per hour in either direction simultaneously in the 15,000 space underground car park.

Eddy Barnett                                

P.O.Box 335


N.S.W. 2528             


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As we all know any infrastructure has to be economically viable and it was a mistake to indicate future express subways that may never pass that test so now I have initially suggested Parrahub to Central which I believe would be economically viable due to many passengers using it rather than a longer trip on the NWRL.



The brickpit Olympic Park

Launch site at the Olympic village brick pit for an express Parramatta/Central


TBM recovery and platforms 26 and 27 (below 24 and 25) made from railway square.


Other pair of  conventional TBM recovered at Parrahub.


Same single deck driverless trains as used on the NWRL 


Service/changeout drift located at brickpit.


There can now be a choice between a three bedroom unit with a private open area protected by adjustable vertical steel slats for those who want more of a home atmosphere.


Or the four bedroom unit

Both types of will be ventilated with rooftop exhaust fans via regulators in the bathrooms.

Four trains would allow one to leave every ten minutes from either end while the other pair are travelling.

If sufficient passengers prefer to travel via Parrahub to Central there may be no need to build another rail tunnel below the harbour.