Safest building in the world with every unit having a fire escape between them and a continuous balcony every floor.

313 metres high 200 metres diameter.

4,272 four bedroom units each 345 square metres all well ventilated by rooftop exhaust fans.

90 floors of 120m diameter in the centre, each 11,304 square metres.

15,000 free parking spaces and rooftop restaurant.

Centre space suggestion

Gym, Church, Convenience store, Doctor, Specialist, Government departments, Banks, Swimming pool, Chemist, Restaurant, Movies, Security, Pre school, Club, Courtesy bus.

Eventually when Sydney is a megacity with Parrahub the CBD of Sydney the stand alone 160 kph rail lines could radiate from the base of the carpark connecting areas within Wollongong, Lithgow and Newcastle to the base of the carpark.

Building designed in Sketchup 2015 with unit models downloaded from their warehouse.